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Now I’m Dreaming It

I’ve started participating in an informal bellydance practice within the SCA context as a “guest lecturer series” introducing my SCA friends to ATS® in pure FCBD style. The SCA (Society… Read more »

More Preparedness

Making the transition from full-time student to part-time teacher is requiring more preparation time. Last night, I spent some time re-sorting all my workout clothing, my performance clothing, my performance… Read more »

Post-first-class Success

I think that the post made mere minutes after I left my student’s house sums up the awesome that was last night. Brilliant, flashing movements. Bells and drums. Cats fascinated… Read more »

Making the Transition

Tonight is a major transition for me. It’s the first night that I am officially going to someone’s home to teach them ATS®. Since the first hour of the first… Read more »