My First Class of Students

What a joyful night! These students have been amazing friends and supporters. SCA friends at the Barony of Altavia have been bellydancing for years at fighter practice. They allowed me to be a “guest lecturer” and present an 8-week ATS Level 1 Fundamentals class. On the last day of class, we dressed pretty for pictures. Then they surprised me with gifts and a thank you card. My heart is overflowing with thankfulness.

Lyrics to Zill By

I was taking a class from my friend Melanie and she mentioned that for zill drills (finger cymbals) she likes to say the phrases, “I can walk, I can play, I can walk, I can dance” (or something similar). The words line up to the “And-A-One, And-A-Two, And-A-Three, And-A-Four” that the zills strike on, and the feet move on 1 (right), 2 (left), 3 (right), and 4 (left). I shared the lyrics with my student D’vorah, and as I was driving home from our lesson, I started to expand the phrases. CHORUS  I can breathe  I can move  I can Read More

Practicing Every Day

One of my students shared the following website and video with me recently. I love the sentiment in this gal’s website and video. She wanted it so she worked for it. One of the things I was able to observe in her time-lapse video: You can see that she has more energy in her moves near the end, as well as a carriage that says, “I’m confident in this movement.” When you practice more, you gain confidence. That confidence infuses your overall energy. Having energy and confidence in your movements makes the movement look more polished and amazing. It’s Dance Read More

Taking the First Step

There’s a discussion forum (both on a separate website and on Facebook) in which many folks post about finding motivation and overcoming various obstacles in their lives, whether physical or mental, chronic or habitual, lonely or common. In one discussion, one of the ladies on the list said something in passing that struck me at the heart. “In my exercise classes, the only required choreography is the get out of the car and walk in the door of the class step. Everything after that is optional.” — Jeanette Depatie (author of I took her quote and made a visually Read More

Always Learning, Always Flexible

Last night I had my first *new* class as a dance student, and it reminded me that I’m never NOT a student. I believe that it is worth it to always be a student, to always be learning and taking in new information. I’d forgotten how much I love those opportunities, and was very grateful last night. A friend of mine is also doing her first class as a teacher, and her excitement last night was extremely palpable and infectious. It was fantastic to be there, and I hope I was a supportive student. I think what I find most Read More