“I Teach Bellydance”

Sticker from Faizeh.com http://www.cafepress.com/faizeh.15101646

Sticker from Faizeh.com

Our workplace has tandem parking spots in the parking structure, where you can park directly behind someone and block them in (or be blocked in) and then you log your parking into a database. Then when someone needs to leave, they can find you and ask you to move your car for them. I was walking out to the structure with one of the guys who was leaving at 2:45 pm, and as we walked up to our cars he saw my bumper sticker.

He asked me, “So, what are Zills?” I explained that zills are Finger Cymbals. And I almost did a double-take on myself as I continued, “I teach bellydance.”

Whoa. That’s the first time I said that naturally in conversation to someone who never knew I studied bellydance, never knew I had been trying to get to a place of teaching since my very first hour of ATS, and never knew how I’d only just recently started to make that transition from full-time student to part-time instructor.

But yes, I teach bellydance.