Tag: 2013

No Pressure, No Shame

There are many philosophies or motivations that various teachers or students of bellydance bring to their classes or performances. I was reminded recently that one of my primary philosophies is… Read more »

Thankfulness in my Dance

Carolena Nericcio (from FatChanceBellyDance) leads dancers in a moving mediation or Puja before rehearsal or performance. Instructors of ATS® usually lead their students as well, although occasionally the description of… Read more »

Lyrics to Zill By

I was taking a class from my friend Melanie and she mentioned that for zill drills (finger cymbals) she likes to say the phrases, “I can walk, I can play,… Read more »

Practicing Every Day

One of my students shared the following website and video with me recently. I love the sentiment in this gal’s website and video. She wanted it so she worked for… Read more »