CaySwann Dance Collective at ATS Homecoming 2017

I am truly honored and humbled by my team of supportive friends and dancers who helped me bring something unusual and unique to the stage at ATS Homecoming 2017. CaySwann Dance Collective –

Huge thank yous and compliments to Gaia Sophia, Kelli Ann, and Scheherazade Kessler for dancing with me to “Bring ART” to the stage. We came from two states, four cities, with internet correspondence, personal rehearsal, and one amazing brainstorming session in a hotel room to bring this unique ATS improvisation to the stage, to the soundtrack of “Music and the Mirror” from “A Chorus Line” — and me, on microphone, singing and dancing at the same time. Thank you all, for the outpouring of support for this wild performance that we created together.